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    Compulsory Insurance Coverage

    Accidental Death $15,000 (USD)
    Natural Death $10,000 (USD)
    Permanent Total Disablement $7,500 (USD)
    Repartition Cost Actual Cost
    Subsistence Allowance (maximum 6 months) $100/month (USD)
    Money Claims 3 months for every year of
    employment contract maximum of
    Compassionate Visit Unlimited
    Medical Evacuation Unlimited
    Medical Repatriation Unlimited
    Repatriation of Mortal Remains Unlimited
    More details:

    with at least Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars (US$ 15,000.00) survivor’s benefit payable to the migrant worker’s beneficiaries;

    with at least Ten Thousand United States Dollars (US$ 10,000.00) survivor’s benefit payable to the migrant worker’s beneficiaries;

    with at least Seven Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars (US$7,500) disability benefit payable to the migrant worker. The following disabilities shall be deemed permanent: total, complete loss of sight of both eyes; loss of two limbs at or above the ankles or wrists; permanent complete paralysis of two limbs; brain injury resulting to incurable imbecility or insanity;

    of the worker when his/her employment is terminated by the employer without any valid cause, or by the employee with just cause, including the transport of his/her personal belongings. In case of death, the insurance provider shall arrange and pay for the repatriation or return of the worker’s remains. The insurance provider shall also render any assistance necessary in the transport, including but not limited to, locating a local and licensed funeral home, mortuary or direct disposition facility to prepare the body for transport, completing all documentation, obtaining legal clearances, procuring consular services, providing death certificates, purchasing the minimally necessary casket or air transport container, as well as transporting the
    remains including retrieval from site of death and delivery to the receiving funeral home. This provision shall be without prejudice to the provisions of Rule XIII of these Rules and Regulations.

    with at least One Hundred United States Dollars (US$100) per month for a maximum of six (6) months for a migrant worker who is involved in a case or litigation for the protection of his/her rights in the receiving country.

    arising from employer’s liability which may be awarded or given to the worker in a judgment or settlement of his/her case in the NLRC. The insurance coverage for money claims shall be equivalent to at least three (3) months salaries for every year
    of the migrant worker’s employment contract;

    When a migrant worker is hospitalized and has been confined for at least seven (7) consecutive days, he shall be entitled to a compassionate visit by one (1) family member or a requested individual. The insurance company shall pay for the transportation cost of the family member or requested individual to the major airport closest to the place of hospitalization of the worker. It is, however, the responsibility of the family member or requested individual to meet all visa and travel document requirements;

    When an adequate medical facility is not available proximate to the migrant worker, as determined by the insurance company’s physician and a consulting physician, evacuation under appropriate medical supervision by the mode of transport necessary shall be undertaken by the insurance provider; and

    When medically necessary as determined by the attending physician, repatriation under medical supervision to the migrant worker’s residence shall be undertaken by the insurance provider at such time that the migrant worker is medically cleared for travel by commercial carrier. If the period to receive medical clearance to travel exceeds fourteen

    (14) days from the date of discharge from the hospital, an alternative appropriate mode of transportation, such as air ambulance, may be arranged. Medical and non-medical escorts may be provided when necessary. This provision shall be without prejudice to the provisions of Rule XIII of these Rules.